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We proudly serve our version of Italian Flare! All of our menu is made in house from scratch and made to Order. Only our Tots and Ice Cream are Frozen. Every sauce and dressing made in house. We also feature  farm to table chicken, allowing us to serve the Best Wings near Lancaster, Buckeye Lake, Baltimore and more! Best Pizza in the county!

Made with the oldest Pizza Dough in the U.S.

Our Pizza Dough Story

Made with the oldest Pizza Dough in the U.S.
We at Mugshots are so very blessed! We feature the OLDEST PIZZA DOUGH IN NORTH AMREICA! The Story of the dough is fascinating. A northern Ohio man traveled to San Francisco in 1865 hoping to strike gold like so many did in that era. He left with several male members of his family. For the trip as well as their livelyhood, their wives had packed them several bread starters, a meal easily cooked over a camp fire. One day while mining, the lid got left off of one of the bread starters. The natural yeast in the air of the California mountains mixed with the starter and "soured it".  Upon arriving back to the camp, the miner smelled the starter and immediately thought it to be bad. A few days later, they were hard on their luck and were forced to cook the now soured starter. They were surprised as to the result of the bread being baked, they had created America's first Sourdough and it was AMAZING! Not wanting to mess with the taste and integrity, the miners kept feeding their new starter warm water, flour and yeast daily. After finding gold, they decided to start a bakery selling loaves of their new found tasty treat. Years later the Bakery and original starter was sold to a Pizzeria in San Francisco that is still in operation today. That pizzeria's owner's Granddaughter just so happen to attend college with our chef who allowed us to have some of the starter that has been kept alive all this time. Just like that, BAM!!! We are currently serving a crust that is made from a sourdough starter that is 165 years old. Dough is like wine, it get better with age, our pizza is a MUST TRY!
Made with the oldest Pizza Dough in the U.S.
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Mugshots Bar & Grill started as an idea about 25 years ago. We officially opened in April of 2023 after Jason Rosebrough and Jon Groothuis both left corporate America to pursue their culinary dream. We have always been fascinated by the Mafia. Not necessarily their practices but their organization. The term "Chain of Command" literally was invented within organized crime. Coincidentally, some of these members also owned some of the best Italian Restaurants in the U.S. We are so blessed and humbled to be serving some of the best Comfort Food around Columbus!

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Grilled Cheese Gangsters Food Truck

Grilled Cheese Gangsters

Central Ohio, We are proud to announce that we have incorporated our other business, Grilled Cheese Gangsters into Mugshots Bar & Grill. You can enjoy several of the Grilled Cheese Gangsters sandwhiches as well as their award winning Gangster Tots with the ever so popular Mafia Sauce! We are super excited! One Bite Everyone Knows the Rules

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